Get your Lunchmeat Underpants to go.

Client: Irvine Ranch Water Disctrict Campaign: See it from your lawn’s perspective.


See it from your lawn’s perspective.

In southern California temperatures tend to remain high through the fall. For many SoCal residents, this led to a belief that they needed to keep their sprinkler systems running full bore until the weather cools off.

But the reality is that your lawn isn’t affected as much by the temperatures, but by the amount of sunlight and the intensity of it which lessens as the seasons transition into fall. We needed to help people understand that. So to make our point in a memorable way we turned the perspective on its head, asking them to see the situation from their lawn’s perspective and dial back the H20.

To make sure everyone in Orange County got the message we developed specific Spanish, Chinese, and Korean campaign executions then spread it across a variety of media including TV, cinema, social and targeted digital advertising.

Just enough is enough.