Get your Lunchmeat Underpants to go.

Client: Denver Water Campaign: High-Efficiency Toilet Rebates


Do you like to read when you’re sitting on the toilet? Good. Take a seat.

By and large, people do the right thing. So when Denver Water asked everyone to Use Only What You Need, they did. And water consumption dropped 21 percent.

But imagine if you could save even more without giving up a thing. That’s what happens when you use a WaterSense high-efficiency toilet. Every one of them saves almost 4,000 gallons a year. Denver Water even offered to give people a $75 rebate to make the switch.

That was big news. And where’s the best place to read news like this? You guessed it. So we created long copy posters at bus shelters. And provided an appropriate place to sit down and read them.

It broke all the rules for out-of-home advertising. But people loved it all the same. And the Outdoor Advertising Association of America honored the campaign with the Best of Show at their annual awards ceremony.

There are certain unbreakable rules in advertising.
“Don’t put a ton of words on a bus shelter” is one of them.
Well, we broke that rule.