Get your Lunchmeat Underpants to go.

Client: Denver Water Campaign: You Can’t Make This Stuff


How much water we get isn’t up to us.

When we’re in a dry spell, people get why we shouldn’t waste water. But what do we say when we’re not?

We tell them an indisputable fact. How much water we get isn’t up to us. It’s up to the whims of nature. Water is a non-renewable resource that we should never waste, regardless of the weather.

But while we can’t make water, we can make that point. So we used almost 6,000 Legos. Over 2,000 square inches of Blue Model Magic clay. And 255 yards of string to create stuff that looks like water. Artistic, yes. Thirst quenching, no.

It’s an urban art show, the first of its kind in Denver, on display in bus shelters throughout the city.

They’re eye catching. And they’re getting talked about. Making their impact far greater than the media buy. And demonstrating that even after 9 years, we’re still finding great ways to remind people to please, use only what you need.