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Lunchmeat Underpants

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The official Denver Water campaign

DW-HandSanitizer-BT DW-LawnCare DW-Sponge-BT DW-Sprinkler DW-DirtyCar DW-Trees-BT  DW-Dishwasher DW-Dry-BT DW-Irrigation DW-Musk-BT DW-Wipes-BTpsd DW-ChiaIf you live in Denver, you know summers are hot and dry, and you know last year was an exceptionally dry year which just worsened our drought status. We rolled into this year with a substantial deficit in our reservoirs, which is never a good thing- we were way behind on water supply and still in the middle of a bad drought. Things were looking really dire and we knew drastic measures were needed. Over the years we’ve asked Denverites to ‘Use Only What You Need,’ and they certainly rose to the challenge. Water savings have been really impressive (thank you, Denver), but this year we need even more from our citizens. We need them to Use Even Less than they need. So, we went with it and asked Denver to do just that, to Use Even Less. Step up to the newest challenge, Denver, we need your help- you’ve proven you’re up for it. Thanks to Denver Water for another fun year working with them.

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