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The art of collaboration

collabsHere at Sukle, we live in a world of collaboration. Working in a smaller shop means everyone works with everyone, and collaboration is the name of the ‘make it better’ game. If you’re not good at collaborating with your coworkers and clients, you’ll not last long here. Thankfully, everyone plays fabulously together.

This post on Colossal really intrigued me, though. We always look to our peers when it comes to collaboration. We typically write off the little people in our lives as being ‘just kids,’ that they would only mess up, gum up or just plain ruin a project if we let them loose on it. But this artist, Mica Angela Hendricks, found out that sometimes they add something we jaded adults just can’t.

Hendricks was drawing in a new sketchbook one day when her daughter asked to draw in it too. Hilariously, the artist admits to not wanting to share her sketch book with ANYONE, but her daughter turned her mommy words against her saying “if you can’t share, we’re going to have to take it away from you, mom.” Classic.

To her surprise, the body her daughter drew on the unfinished head was amazing, playful, expressive. Amazing. From there she let her daughter continue to draw and what came out is pure beauty. (see more here and here).

If this tells us anything, it’s that good ideas come from where you least expect it. Always be receptive to suggestions and explore all ideas.

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