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Lunchmeat Underpants

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Caine's Arcade

Well, it’s Friday and we at Sukle get close to another week of hard work. Lately we’ve been extremely busy, and when we are it means we’re cranking out tons of work. And what our jobs revolve around is, simply put, creativity. It doesn’t matter what your role is here, you are required to think creatively on a daily basis, to flex your grey matter. So, it’s no surprise this video really resonated with us. It’s quite a heart warming little watch, and naturally we were all enamored by this little boy and his wonderful little, creative cardboard arcade. What’s even more amazing about this story is part 2: world wide endorsement. This story has inspired a fund to help foster children’s creativity, and seems to be spreading like crazy. We clicked the ‘like’ button on this one.

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