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Lunchmeat Underpants

Lunchmeat Underpants

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Anni Albers

I’ve been reading Anni Albers’ writing on design lately. In the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, she wrote about the excessive clutter we bring into our lives by owning too many things. She felt that many objects were over designed so that everything in a person’s home would be screaming “look at me!” She used the designer ashtray as an example of this problem — not quite functional, not quite art either, but in a confused nether land in between the two. (Remember ashtrays in the 60’s?!) She encouraged designers to seek what will endure, and avoid the temporary that we will tire of too soon. Her advice seems so idealistic today where our efforts are often short term, (just get them to hit the like button) and we feel anxious, or left out, when there are no distractions at hand.

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